Хрущёв и холодная война: Заключение

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Supplementary activities:

1. Research more about one of the following topics. You might want to use one of the following browsers: www.yandex.ru, www.rambler.ru
Topics: венгерское восстание 1956 года, Карибский кризис, поездка Хрущева в Америку, эксперименты в сельском хозяйстве Хрущева, Хрущев в ООН

2. Read the full article by Rovshan Mamedov and give a report about it to your class. Ask your instructor for a copy – the text is included in the teachers’ manual for this lesson.

3. Read more from the interview with Khrushchev’s daughter, Rada Adzhubei. Give a report on what you learned to your class. Look for it at http://www.aif.ru/online/superstar/24/14_01 or ask your teacher for a copy. (It is in the teachers’ manual for this lesson.)

4. Read more about Khrushchev and the United Nations at an archive of the UN website: https://web.archive.org/web/20070314011530/http://www.un.org/russian/av/radio/unhistorynew/khrushchev.htm. Then, decide which of the opinions in this lesson is reflected in the materials on the UN website.

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