CBFE Faculty Advisor

A primary faculty advisor, or “chair” is someone whose research program is compatible with the student and with whom the student has a positive working relationship. Primary advisors for students in the CS graduate program will be tenured or late-stage tenure track CS faculty, although by request other faculty in other departments can serve in this role with the approval of the CS faculty. The advisor monitors the student’s progress towards degree completion, completes annual reviews and reports updates to the CS Graduate Committee. Upon admission, students are assigned a temporary advisor, but are expected to find a primary advisor after passing the qualifying exam. It is not uncommon for graduate students to change their advisor as their own interests change.

Advisor Designation Process

Your primary advisor is a faculty member from the Consumer Science Department. You will typically designate your advisor in your second year. Your advisor will provide advice regarding graduate training, research and your job market. Your primary advisor also serves as chair of your dissertation committee and works with you on your field paper and proposal. The advisor/student relationship is one of mutual agreement, which may be terminated by either party. If a you want to designate or change your advisor, notify the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator. During the first year, all incoming students, will be assigned to the Grad Committee chair as their advisor. It is the responsibility of every graduate student to have an advisor.

If your primary advisor is not available, for example on a leave or sabbatical, students should designate a co-advisor who is in residence. If your primary advisory leaves the University, you need to designate a new primary advisor.


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