CBFE TA Assignments

In addition to a mentored learning opportunity for PhD students, Teaching Assistants are critical to the Consumer Science Department’s undergraduate teaching mission. TAs are assigned as part of the course planning process in the Department. Courses are assigned TAs based on the size and complexity of the course.  All TA assignments are made by the Consumer Science Department Chair.

Appointments will generally be 33% to 50% time for the academic year, including Winter Break. Students are expected to report and work with their assigned instructor for the full TA contract period (generally the 3rd week in August until the 3rd week in May). Students must discuss and have written approval from the Chair and instructor if they are not on campus and available during these times.

All students will be reviewed by their primary supervisor every semester. Any TA who is not performing at a satisfactory level may not be offered a TA assignment the following semester(s).

Students are always encouraged to seek and receive PA and RA appointments with CS faculty, as well as with any unit at UW Madison, including outside SoHE. If you have an RA or PA appointment, you must notify the CS chair and Graduate Committee Chair as soon as possible, and at a minimum at least 1 week prior to the start of the fall semester so that TA assignments can be completed.


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