MS Human Ecology Research

Any current graduate student in the Human Ecology PhD program wishing to earn their Master’s degree in Human Ecology: Human Ecology Research along the way to the PhD may do so using the Graduate School’s add/change major form.  Students will need to “add” the Master’s program to their record before requesting the Master’s degree warrant. The Graduate School instructions for doing so can be found on their website under “Add/Change Major“.  Students will do so through their My Graduate School portal (, under the “program” tab). Students will “add” the Master’s in Human Ecology for the current semester when they want to earn the Master’s degree. All students on the way to the PhD, or those who had originally entered the program as a PhD student should select the MS Human Ecology: RESEARCH option (not the MS Human Ecology: Human Ecology option). Once the degree level request has been added, the request will be processed by the SoHE graduate program office and submitted to the Graduate School for final processing. When the degree level is officially on the student record, the Master’s degree warrant request can be processed by the SoHE graduate program office through the Graduate School. 

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