CBFE Job Market Paper

A crucial activity for any candidate graduating from a PhD program and applying to research or teaching positions is the job market paper (JMP). This paper is the best work that the student has produced, and typically a solo author work. It is a unique paper that spotlights the student’s skills and interests. It should be a paper that is suitable for publication.

Students in this program are expected to develop one high quality paper by summer or early fall of their fourth year. Students should also submit this paper (or an early abstract) to conferences in order to begin to “market” their work. This will also be part of the student’s job applications. This paper should be well prepared and receive extensive feedback from advisors. The JMP should be a substantial component of the student’s discussions with his or her advisors beginning the third year. Students should also create a website to post their professional CV, working papers, teaching and research statements and JMP. The UW Social Science Computing Collaborative is a resource to develop and host these sites (see SSCC professional website)


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