MS Human Ecology Annual Review of Graduate Students

The Annual Review of Graduate Students (ARGS) will occur in May each year, with the submitted information to be updated with activities completed during the preceding 12 months.

Purpose and Goals

All enrolled SoHE students are required to participate in the ARGS. It is a regular opportunity for students to seek and receive feedback and guidance from faculty and staff. The process is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • The process will help communicate to students the range of types of accomplishments and learning/professional development experiences that are valued by SoHE and the field of study.
  • The documentation and reflection on goals that students will be asked to engage in will encourage students to be deliberate, strategic, and goal-oriented in their construction and application of knowledge.
  • The process of documenting accomplishments and regularly updating one’s CV/resumé will be good preparation for professional performance reviews in future career settings.
  • The yearly reports will provide data necessary for ongoing assessment and quality improvement of our SoHE Graduate Program.

Components of Annual Review

In your ARGS submission, you will be asked to document:

  1. Satisfactory progress, including, but not limited to: credits, capstone planning, professional development
  2. Professional accomplishments and products of efforts in outreach, service, and learning, where applicable.

ARGS Process

The SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator will send emails leading up to each ARGS cycle in spring including instructions and links to the ARGS form.

Step One: Preparation

  1. The student will update their CV/resumé documenting their accomplishments in the last year.
  2. The student will get an unofficial copy of their transcript to be submitted.
  3. The student will gather any other relevant material.

Step Two: Submission

  1. The student submits the ARGS Report, CV/resumé, transcript, and other relevant materials.

Step Three: Faculty Review

  1. The MS committee (without the student representative) will review materials for each student and prepare feedback including development of an effective CV/resumé, review of student progress and goals, and guidance on capstone projects.
  2. The Faculty Director will send feedback to students.


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