DS MFA Faculty Advisor and Committee

Faculty Advisor

  • Students are accepted into the MFA program with a provisional faculty advisor, but students may choose to switch faculty advisors
  • The faculty advisor is also the students committee chair and must be MFA graduate faculty in the Design Studies department


  • The committee must have at least 4 members total, including the faculty advisor
  • At least 2 faculty must be from the Design Studies department
  • It is recommended, and highly encouraged, that at least 2 members of the committee have a studio background
  • Three of the committee members must be UW-Madison graduate faculty
  • Students must form the MFA committee in consultation with the faculty advisor and have an initial meeting with the full committee by the end of the first semester of the second year
  • A thesis committee form should be completed by the student and submitted to the SoHE Graduate Program Office
  • Students must meet with their committee once per semester (fall and spring) once the committee is in place
  • Community members or practitioners may serve on the committee but will not count as one of the required 4 person committee and will not have voting rights

Graduate School policy on committees: https://policy.wisc.edu/library/UW-1201


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