MS Human Ecology Advisor

The Graduate School requires that all students have an advisor. Sarah Halpern-Meekin is the Faculty Director for the MS program and serves as faculty advisor to all MS graduate students. It is recommended that graduate students in the MS program connect with Sarah at least once per semester. Don’t wait for Sarah to contact you; make an appointment whenever you need advice or guidance. A useful first meeting may include establishing a plan for the two of you to work together—for example, you may want to decide whether to schedule regular meetings or whether you will initiate them as needed.

You and your advisor share responsibility for working out the best plan of action for your graduate work here, working within the program requirements. Your advisor is there to assist you in all aspects of the planning of your graduate program, such as course selection, focus areas, professional development, community engagement, research and employment opportunities, and capstone projects. The advisor is also responsible for monitoring your performance and providing you with appropriate feedback. It is useful to bring your MS program checklist with you to these advising appointments.

You are also encouraged to connect with the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator, who can introduce you to campus resources, connect you with campus partners and programs, explore areas of academic and professional interest, interpret Graduate School policy, and review program requirements.


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