MS Human Ecology Final Steps

Graduate School Policies and Deadlines

As you approach the completion of your capstone, it is time to review the Graduate School policies and make sure you are on track for graduation. Advanced planning is required. For example, you need to be registered for at least 2 credits during the semester you plan to graduate (including summer).

Make sure you have maintained a GPA of at least 3.0 and have no incompletes before proceeding to your warrant request.

See the Graduate School website: “Completing Your Master’s Degree” for deadlines and policies on completing your master’s degree.

MS Checklist Completion and Warrant Request

Each semester the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator contacts current graduate students by email to ask who plans to graduate and notifies students about Graduate School deadlines, including instructions for ordering your warrant. When your warrant arrives, the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator will contact you by email.

A warrant is a program’s recommendation that a student be granted a degree (master’s) and is the Graduate School’s notification that a student has met both the Graduate School and the program requirements. Warrants are requested electronically by the Graduate Program Coordinator and must be returned to the Graduate School with faculty signatures upon completion of the degree requirements.

You must have a completed MS Program Checklist to order your warrant from the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator. The final version of this checklist should be dated and signed by the Faculty Director. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the signed form to the SoHE Graduate Program Coordinator.


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