DS MFA Credits and Courses

Credits (51 credits required)

  • 24 credits at UW-Madison
  • Prior coursework (approved by advisor and/or committee)
  • 30 credits must be graduate level with G50% attribute
  • 3.0 GPA


Interdisciplinary Human Ecology (InterHE) Course (2 credits required)

  • InterHE 792: Theories and Perspectives in Human Ecology (1 credit required for MFA, 2 credits required for MS and PhD)
  • InterHE 801: Professional Development Seminar (1 credit optional)


Material Culture, History & Criticism (minimum of 6 credits required)

  • Courses may include, but are not limited to:
    • AFROAMER 801: Historiography, Theory and Methods in Visual Culture
    • AFROAMER 802: Visual Cultures: Topics in Visual Cultures
    • ART HISTORY 603: Curatorial Studies Colloquium
    • DS 355: History of Fashion, 1400-Present
    • DS 764: Dimensions of Material Culture
    • DS 501: Special Topics
      • History: Object Based Learning
    • DS 421: History of Architecture & Interiors I: Antiquity through 18th Century
    • DS 422: History of Architecture & Interiors II: 19th and 20th Centuries
    • DS 430: History of Textiles
  • DS 920: Seminar in Design Studies (section 002: Seminar in Design History)
  • Or other courses in the following departments focusing on material culture, history and/or criticism:
    • African Cultural Studies
    • Afro-American Studies
    • American Indian Studies
    • Art History
    • Asian Languages & Cultures
    • Design Studies
    • Gender & Women’s Studies
    • History
  • Or other courses in other departments focusing material culture, history and/or criticism as determined by the faculty advisor


Design Studies Seminar (minimum of 3 credits required)

  • Students must take at least 1 credit of DS 920 per year for all three years for a total of 3 credits
  • DS 920: Seminar in Design Studies-MFA Studio Colloquium, 1 credit


Non-studio Elective Coursework (minimum of 3 credits required)

  • An opportunity to take a course related to your research but outside of the arts
  • Any course in another department numbered 300 and above; must be outside of the School of Human Ecology


Art Colloquium (minimum of 1 credit each semester recommended)

  • Students may take at least 1 credit of ART 508 each semester for all three years for a total of 6 credits
  • ART 508: Colloquium in Art


General Studio Work (minimum of 9 credits required)

  • Develop a strong foundation in studio-based inquiry and applied scholarship
  • Any studio course numbered 300 or above from any of the following departments:
    • Art
    • Communication Arts
    • Creative Writing
    • Design Studies
    • Dance
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Music
    • Theater
  • Or other studio (applied scholarship) courses as determined by the faculty advisor


Focused Area Studio Work (minimum of 15 credits)

  • At least 15 credits of DS 990 Research and Thesis
    • At least 8 of the credits must be with the students faculty advisor; 1-3 credits with the faculty advisor each semester is recommended
    • Remaining credits may be with the faculty advisor and/or recommended to be with faculty members on the students MFA committee


School of Human Ecology Graduate Programs Handbook Copyright © 2022 by Michelle Holland. All Rights Reserved.

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