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Цель: Узнать о современной истории Соловков

Задание: Прочитайте текст. Обратите внимание на выделенные слова. Они встретятся вам еще не один раз в последующих уроках.


prisoners arriving at Solovky

The camp’s prisoners (заключённые) included not only criminals, but also political prisoners, among whom were some of Russia’s most famous intellectuals. Russia’s secret (political) police, the CheKa (ЧК), was charged with rounding up politically suspicious elements in Soviet society. The camp at Solovki was one of the first in a series of prisons and concentration camps that came to be known as the Gulag (ГУЛАГ), a Russian abbreviation for “Мain Administration of Corrective Labor Camps.” Three million people were killed in the sixteen years that the camp at Solovki (Соловки) was open. Political prisoners were among those singled out for the harshest treatment in the camps.


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