Lesson 1: Режиссёр и фильмы

Марина Голдовская: женщина с киноаппаратомLesson Description:

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Тhis is the first lesson in a series of nine about the director Marina Goldovskaya and her films «Власть соловецкая» and «Дети Ивана Кузьмича». In this lesson you will read and listen to texts about the director and these two films. You will also watch clips from interviews of the director in which she discusses the two films. The lesson consists of four parts: Режиссер, Власть соловецкая, Дети Ивана Кузьмича, and Заключение.

You can find the Помощник and Словарь at the end of the lesson for easy reference, but they are also available in the lesson in places where you are most likely to need them.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn about the biography and filmography of Marina Goldovskaya, the director of these two films. You will also learn basic information about each film and about the historical context of each film, how one of the films was made, and Goldovskaya’s reasons for making the films. You will work with roots of words and with intonational patterns.

Learning Tips:

Each film will be examined separately in four lessons each following this lesson.

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Estimated completion time: 1 hour, 15 minutes




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