1.2 Otobiyografi

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson on introducing yourself you will be able

  • Introduce yourself  
  • To read and write about your past
  • To talk about your attitudes

You will also be able to do the following grammatical tasks:

  • Relative clause: d(ı)ğ(ı)(m)
  • Are not able to: eme
  • Aorist tense in the futuretense function: r
  • It is as though there is no
    … that ..:….m(e)d(i)ğ(i)(m)
    … yok gibi.
  • Even if: mekte olsa(m) da
  • I can say: diyebilirim
  • Adjective : kimi
  • Post position: bile
  • Grammar review: 
    Noun Clause: m(e)y(i) sev
  • Noun Clause: me(m)iiste(diler)
  • Since: d(e)n beri
  • Noun clause : memek için


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