Ọjà Níná (Haggling)

Initiating and Responding to Conversation in a Market

You open every conversation with the conventional Yoruba greeting. However, there are a few greetings you can use specifically in the context of a Yoruba market.

Practice these specific greetings.

(Ẹ) kú títà

(E) kú ọrọ̀ ajé

Ṣé ajé bugbá jẹ?

Ṣé ajé wọ igbá?

Responses include: Oo, Àwa nìyẹn, (Ẹ) ṣeun, Adúpẹ́, Ajé gbugbá jẹ o, Ajé wọ igbá

Below are different openings by buyers in a real market contexts. Pay attention to how the buyers signaled that they wanted to buy something.


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