Describing People

Talking about different seasons

  1. If you want to say that you are cold, you say something similar to “cold is catching me”.

Otútù ń mú mi                                   I am cold

Otútù ń mú Olú                                 Olu is cold

Otútù ń mú wa                                  We are cold

  1. Notice that you use object pronouns to replace the name of the person who is suffering from the cold

Otútù ń mú u                     He/She is cold

Otútù ń mú ẹ                      You are cold

  1. But if you want to simply say that the weather is cold, you remove the object pronoun

Otútù ń mú                         It (the weather) is cold

  1. Other similar expressions are:

Ooru ń mú mi                    I am hot

Ooru ń mú                          It (the weather) is hot.

Ọyẹ́ ń mú mi                       I am suffering from the harmattan

Ọyẹ́ ń mú                             There is harmattan

Òjò ń pa mi                         Rain is falling on me

Òjò pa ìwé mi                     Rain fell on my books



What are the different seasons of the year in your country? Describe the weather conditions of each season. What do people do in different weather conditions? What kinds of food do they eat? What kind of cloths do they wear?


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