False Friends List

As with the idiom list, this list of false friends is one you can break up into smaller chunks to memorize. It may also be helpful to print this and have it available while reading or translating. Add other false friends to the list as you read.

actual + inf. present, current
actualidad (f.) present time, current affairs
actualmente at present, nowadays, right now
aguardar to wait
alumno/a student
aproximarse to approach
asesorar to advise (in economic, legal, political matters)
asistir to attend (an event), to be present
atender to look after, to care for
avisar to warn
casualidad (f.) chance, coincidence
competencia competition
collar (m.) necklace/td>
compromiso appointment, commitment
conferencia conference, talk, lecture
congreso conference
crudo raw
cuerpo body, body of work
demandar to sue (also, “to demand”)
desgracia misfortune
despacho office
disgustar to displease
distinto different
divisar to perceive, to make out, to discern
dormitorio bedroom
editor/a publisher (also, “editor” (context will help distinguish))
editorial (f.) publishing house
efectivo; en efectivo cash; in cash
efectivamente in fact, indeed, actually
equivocación (f.) mistake
equivocarse to make a mistake
éxito success
experimentar (ie) to experience (also, “to experiment”)
fin purpose, goal, aim; end (to terminate something)
final ending, end (as in a story); final, las
firma signature)
gana desire, hunger
gracioso funny, amusing, charming
grosero vulgar, rude
habitación (f.) room
idioma (m.) language
ignorar not to know, to be ignorant of
intentar to attempt, to try
largo long
lectura reading
limitar (con) to border
marchar to walk, to go
molestar to bother
natural (n., m., f.) native
noticia piece of news, information
pariente (n., m., f.) relative
particular private
pasar to suffer (also, to pass, to spend [time])
patrón/-ona chief, boss
planta; planta baja ground floor (of a building); first floor
presenciar to witness
pretender to claim, to try, to intend
principio beginning
procurar to try, to endeavor, to seek
proporcionar to give, to furnish, to provide
propósito purpose, intention, plan
quitarle a (alguien) to take away from (someone), to remove
realizar to achieve (also, to realize [e.g., a dream)]
reclamar to demand, to claim
el recurso resource, means, pretext
registrart to search, to examine, to inspec
renta income, revenue (also, rent)
renunciar to resign
rudo rough, course, ordinary
salto jump, leap
sano healthy
sensible sensitive
simpatizar (con) to get along well (with), to hit it off (with)
solicitar to apply for (also, to ask for, to solicit)
soportar to endure, to bear, to stand, to put up with
sostener (ie)) to support, to hold up, to prop up (also, to sustain
suburbio slum (also, suburb)
suceder to happen
suceso event
violar to rape (also, to violate)
vista sight, vision (also, view)
vulgar common, ordinary



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