Unit 4: More present tense verbs and personal a

4.6 Present Tense of Other Irregular Verbs: Part II

Here are the conjugations of more high-frequency verbs that are irregular in the first-person singular of the present tense. You need to be able to recognize all of these forms actively.

Dar (to give) Caer (to fall) Oír (to hear) Poner (to put)
yo doy caigo oigo pongo
das caes oyes pones
él, ella, Ud. da cae oye pone
Nosotros damos caemos oímos ponemos
Vosotros dais caéis oís ponéis
ellos, ellas, Uds. dan caen oyen ponen

More verbs to memorize so that you can quickly translate them:

salir (to leave/go out) Traer (to bring) Venir (to come) Ver (To see)
yo salgo traigo vengo veo
sales traes vienes ves
él, ella, Ud. sale trae viene ve
Nosotros salimos traemos venimos vemos
Vosotros salís traéis venís veis
ellos, ellas, Uds. salen traen vienen ven



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