Unit 8: Preterit (Part 2), “to be” verbs, present participle and progressive tenses

Unit 8: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico


cercano near
cuerdo sane
difunto dead, deceased (cognate: defunct)
lejano far, distant
silvestre wild
saludable healthy
sano healthy (false friend)


atrás behind, back


con anticipación ahead of time
de hecho in fact
de repente suddenly
de súbito suddenly
encontrarse con to run into, to meet (accidentally or by plan)
estar de vacaciones to be on vacation
guardar cama to stay in bed
hacer un viaje to take a trip
valer la pena (valgo) to be worthwhile


el ambiente atmosphere
el medio ambiente environment
la muerte death (cognate: mortal)
el/la muerto/-a dead man/woman
el recurso resource


andar to walk, to go
aplazar to postpone
averiguar to find out
concluir to conclude
cuidar (de/a) to care (for), to take care (of)
desarrollar to develop
enfermarse to get sick
evitar to avoid
fallecer to succumb, to die
gobernar (ie) to govern
guardar to save (seat), to guard, to keep
intentar to attempt (false friend)
parar to stop
perecer to perish
prestar to lend, to loan
prometer to promise
regalar to give as a gift (cognate: to regale)
respirar to breathe
salvar to save
soñar (ue) (con) to dream (of, about) Be careful not to confuse this verb with sonar (“to ring,” “to sound”).



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