Unit 13: Past subjunctive, informal commands, translation considerations (part 3)

Unit 13: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico 


culto well-educated, cultivated
angosto narrow
estrecho narrow
plano flat


allá there (far away)


abrirse paso to make one’s way
darse por vencido to give up
ir a parar to end up (in a place)
puede ser it may be, maybe
pasarlo bien/mal to have a good/bad time
que yo sepa as far as I know
tener en cuenta to take into account, bear in mind


tras after


el comienzo beginning
el desarrollo development
la desigualdad inequality
la fuente source, fountain
la igualdad equality
la meta goal
el prejuicio prejudice
el tomo volume, tome


aparecer to appear, to show up
abarcar to encompass, to span, to include
disculpar(se) to excuse, pardon (oneself)
ejercer to exercise (influence; profession)
esforzarse (ue) (en) to make an effort (to)
matar to kill
obstinarse (en) to persist (in)
plantear to pose (a question), to present
regir(i) to rule
suspender to fail (academically) (false friend)



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