Unit 7: Pronouns (Part 2), introduction to the preterit, and comparisons

Unit 7: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico


anoche last night
anteayer the day before yesterday
ayer yesterday


de vez en cuando from time to time, once in a while
dejar + de + infinitive to stop doing something
echar una carta (al correo) to mail a letter
en seguida right away, immediately
hacer cola to stand (to wait) in line
hacer las maletas to pack one’s suitcases


a la derecha de to the right of
a la izquierda de to the left of
al lado de next to, alongside of
debajo de underneath
delante de in front of
detrás de behind
encima de on top of
hasta until, up to, as far as; even (adv.)
junto a next to
según according to


aguantar to stand, to tolerate, to put up with
alegrar(se) to make happy, to become happy, to be happy
almorzar to eat lunch
arreglar to fix, to repair, to arrange
asustar(se) to frighten, to scare, to be frightened
atender (ie) to pay attention to, to take care of, to look after (false friend)
calentar (ie) to heat (up), to warm (up)
cambiar to change
coger to take hold of, to catch*
contar (ue) to tell, to count
costar (ue) to cost
desayunar(se) to eat breakfast
enamorarse (de) to fall in love (with)
escoger to choose*
esconder(se) to hide
exigir to demand
experimentar (ie) to experiment, to experience (false friend)
firmar to sign
fracasar to fail
luchar to fight (a war, for a cause)
mudarse to move (residence)
nacer to be born (cognate: nascent)
odiar to hate (cognate: odious)
pelear(se) to fight
probar (ue) to prove, to taste
proteger to protect
resolver (ue) to solve, to resolve
reunir to get together, to reunite
revisar to check, to examine (baggage), to inspect, to revise
temer to fear (cognate: timorous)
unir to unite

*All verbs ending in e or i + -ger or -gir change the g to j before a and o for phonetic reasons, for example, cojo, escojo, proteja (see section 11.2).


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