Unit 11: Introduction to the subjunctive, commands, translation considerations (part 2)

Unit 11: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico


acaso perhaps
quizá(s) perhaps
tal vez maybe


a condición de que provided that
a fin de que so that, in order that, with the purpose that
a menos que unless
antes (de) que before
comoquiera however (in whatever manner)
de modo que so that, in a manner (way) that
después (de) que after
dondequiera wherever
en cuanto as soon as
hasta que until
para que in order that, so that
quienquiera whoever
tan pronto como as soon as


de una vez once and for all
echar a perder to ruin
echarse + a + inf. to begin to do something
es dudoso it’s doubtful
es imprescindible it’s indispensable
es (una) lástima it’s a pity, it’s too bad
es menester it’s necessary
es una pena it’s a pity
es preciso it’s necessary (false friend)
una vez once
salir bien/mal to go well/badly, to turn out well/badly


ojalá if only, I hope


advertir (ie) to warn
avisar to inform, to notify (false friend)
amanecer to dawn, to wake up (in a place)
anochecer to get dark, to spend the night (in a place)
asombrar to astound
bastar to be sufficient
convenir (ie) to be advisable/suitable; to suit, to be appropriate (false friend)
desempeñar to carry out, to play (un papel = a role)
desmayarse to faint
dudar to doubt
echar to throw (out)
medir (i) to measure
mentir (ie) to lie
nacer to be born
negar (ie) to deny, to negate
presenciar to witness
sentir (ie) to regret, to be sorry
sugerir (ie) to suggest



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