Unit 16: Translation considerations (part 5)

Unit 16: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico


ardiente burning
corriente running; standard, regular, commonplace; current, present
decimonónico nineteenth-century
harto tired, fed up
ileso unhurt
vetusto very old


apenas as soon as, barely, no sooner than
así que as soon as
no bien as soon as


cerrar con llave to lock
conectarse a internet to go online
ponerse a to begin to
por aquí through, around here
sano y salvo safe and sound


el esbozo sketch, outline, rough draft
el personaje character (lit.)
los pésames condolences
el resultado result


arriesgar(se) to risk
demostrar (ue) to demonstrate, to show, to prove
elogiar to praise
extrañarse (de) to be surprised (by), to be in wonder (of), to be puzzled (by)
fugarse to flee, to escape
ocasionar to cause
sembrar (ie) to sow, to seed, to plant
suscitar to provoke



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