Unit 9: Pronouns (Part 3)

Unit 9: Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulario básico


capaz* capable
gratuito free (at no cost) (false friend)
libre free (unoccupied; unrestrained)

*The –az ending corresponds to word ending in English “-acious.” (The word “capacious” exists, with a slightly different meaning, in English.) Therefore, audaz = audacious, locuaz = loquacious, etc. Likewise, the suffix –oz corresponds to English “-ocious,” giving atroz = atrocious, precoz = precocious, etc.


gratis free (at no cost)


a despecho de in spite of
a partir de as of, from (such a date)
a pesar de in spite of
dar un paseo to take a walk (ride)
en balde in vain
hacerse daño to hurt oneself
pese a in spite of (lit.)
montar en bicicleta to ride a bicycle
montar a caballo to ride a horse

Preposiciones con objetos (Prepositions with Object):

conmigo with me
contigo with you (fam. s.)
consigo with him (himself), with her (herself), with you (yourself) (form. s., form. pl. [fam. pl. in L.A.])


el dolor pain, sorrow
la edad age
la mitad half
la sangre blood (cognate: sanguine)
el ser humano human being


despedir (i) to dismiss, to fire
despedirse de to say good-bye to, to take leave of
disfrutar (de) to enjoy
enfadarse to get angry
enojarse to get angry
gastar to spend (money); to waste (time)
gozar (de) to enjoy
ingresar to join
jubilarse to retire
reírse (i) (de) to laugh (at)
relajarse to relax
romper(se) to break
sangrar to bleed
sonreír (i) to smile



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