Part 6: Fall 2017 Labs

92 Building Interactivity through SCORM with Meghan Cotter – 12.01.2017

In the December 1, 2017 Active Teaching Lab, Meghan Cotter shared how to connect interactive activities to Canvas.

SCORM, or “Sharable Content Object Reference Model,” is a set of technical standards so digital tools play well together. It’s needed for online tools such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate to connect to the Canvas gradebook. 


  • Articulate with SCORM can track that students go through all content pages, whether linear or branching.
  • SCORM can be set such that students need to simply “complete” content (ungraded, click-through assignments) or “pass” an assessment (graded).
  • Because SCORM assignments are Assignments and not Quizzes, students can retake them. This can be a problem if they go back and retake an assignment for practice; the latest grade is saved. A workaround for instructors is to end access to the graded assignment and open a copy as an ungraded one.
  • Use the Canvas Test Student to run through assignments several times (all correct, part correct, none correct).
  • Articulate Storyline doesn’t work well with the Canvas Mobile App (yet), though it does work on the Articulate App (if stored outside of Canvas — e.g. WordPress). This option cannot be graded in Canvas.
  • SCORM only plays well with upgraded WordPress accounts.
  • A drawback of building content in a third-party tool like Articulate is that it must be reloaded whenever updates are made.
  • Use an outside web page as a Page in Canvas by inserting it as an iframe. To make the iframe full-screen, remove ?preview= from the code and try a width of 100% and a height of 6000 pixels.

Check out the session’s activity sheet for more information.

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Watch Meghan’s Story here and follow along with her slides:


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