Part 4: Fall 2016 Labs

53 Study Pattern with Judith Burstyn — 12.16.2016

The December 16, 2016 Active Teaching Lab explored the Pattern app, it’s “Like a FitBit for studying” — Study Pattern is a Learning Analytics tool available to students and instructors. Rachel Bain, in Chemistry shared how heRachel Bainr 700-student Chemistry course used it.


  • Over 50% of students used the app, but only 30% became regular users.
  • Students found the app easy to use, but the user-interface was “a little clunky”.
  • For instructors, the settings are not very customizable.
  • Survey of students found that they wanted reminders (i.e. push notifications) and/or alerts to let them know they haven’t studied in a while or are falling behind the class average.
  • Self-reflection on study habits (metacognition) improves grades, so giving credit for it will help class grades.
  • There are over 50 “study time tracker” apps for Android (here), and 30+ for iOS, but Pattern provides the ability to check your time against your classmates’ average.
  • To learn more check out the activity sheet.

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Getting started with Pattern:

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