Part 7: Spring 2018 Labs

113 Sharing Teaching Resources and Strategies with Kristi Slack – 03.22.2018

In the March 22, 2018 Active Teaching Exchange, Kristi Slack discussed the motivations and challenges of sharing and learning teaching scholarship that led to, a cloud-based platform for higher education instructors to share tools, strategies, and resources. facilitates collaboration across disciplines and institutions to reduce the time required to find high-quality teaching resources developed by academic professionals.


  • The pressure on instructors to create higher-production value teaching materials and the information overload experienced in searching for online resources spurred the creation of Prof2Prof as a resource for finding quality materials from a trusted network.
  • The currency in higher education isn’t necessarily money but recognition. Prof2Prof encourages academics to share teaching resources while facilitating referencing and citation in the exchange.
  • The Prof2Prof feedback feature provides users with a multi-perspective look at alternative approaches for using materials.
  • Prof2Prof is first about the person, then the academic products. This distinction places priority on interdisciplinary networking that can broaden understanding of a field beyond the confines of a single department. It also provides members a place to showcase work that lies outside their job description.
  • Each member decides what is shared, how much is shared, and with whom it is shared, giving users more control over their intellectual property.


For more on materials-sharing resources for teachers, see the Exchange Notes from the session.

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