Part 6: Fall 2017 Labs

81 CATME (Automatic Group Creation) with Courtney Seidel — 10.13.2017

In the October 13, 2017 Active Teaching Lab, Courtney Seidel shared how to make better groups for better learning using CATME and Canvas. 

CATME is a tool that allows instructors to automatically create useful student learning groups based on their skills, interests, grades, gender, or a host of other options. Participants brought their laptops and mobile devices to get hands-on experience with the CATME and Canvas tools from both the teacher and student perspective. 


  • Transparency in the group formation process helps students understand why they are distributed. Student-selected teams are often just “social entities” (Brickell et al, 1994).
  • Purposeful group construction helps students get outside their social circles. Instructors may create teams based on diversity — or similarity of schedule.
  • With a department or university CATME license, there is no student fee.
  • Team-Based Learning works to eliminate the social loafer by putting them in teams where their strengths are promoted.
  • Tip: Use your address because CATME verifies your faculty (vs. student) status before granting an instructor account.

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Watch Courtney’s Story and our lab discussion here:




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