Part 2: Fall 2015 Labs

29 Popplet with Margene Anderson — 11.10.2015

Margene AndersonIn the Active Teaching Lab on November 10, 2015, Margene Anderson from DoIT Academic Technology shared how she uses the mind-mapping software Popplet for curriculum design and lesson planning.

Key Takeaways

  • Popplet is Flash-based, so won’t work on iPads.
  • First 10 popplets are free, then you pay for them.
  • Popplet is simple to use, but also somewhat limited (simple) in abilities
  • For course design using backwards design, use Popplet (or some other mind-mapping software) to list qualities you want the students to leave with in first set of popples, then what they need to learn/know/do to get that, and finally what activities will support those.
  • The lines we draw in mind mapping software represent real connections that we want our students to make between topics, and we need to be direct in how we help them make those connections.

If you’re interested in learning more to get up and running with Popplet, watch the videos below and try stepping through the Popplet worksheet we created for the session! Also, check out the related Active Teaching Lab by Nick Balster on Scapple for course design.

The Active Teaching Lab, a Faculty Engagement program, provides a safe space for structured explorations of cool teaching tools and techniques that your colleagues are using to engage students and teach more effectively. During the academic year, labs are held weekly and will be listed on the Active Teaching Lab page.

Margene’s Popplet Story


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