Part 6: Fall 2017 Labs

79 Scheduler for Office Hours with Naomi Salmon — 09.29.2017

The September 29, 2017 Active Teaching Lab explored Canvas Scheduler. Naomi Salmon shared how she takes the nightmare out of scheduling.

A useful but often-overlooked feature, the Scheduler can help streamline office hours, individual performance exams, study groups and other hard-to-schedule meetings.


  • Used before Canvas Scheduler.
  • Scheduler offers multiple ways to meet: face-to-face, online, individually and in groups.
  • Canvas Scheduler lets you give yourself breaks. Schedule across multiple times (e.g. 10-12, and 1-3).
  • Once students get over the initial awkwardness of the first online office hours, they voluntarily do it more. Screen sharing lets the focus be on the paper/problem, etc rather than on interpersonal, face-to-face dynamics.
  • View Naomi’s google slides
  • Check out the session’s activity sheet for additional support materials.

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