Part 7: Spring 2018 Labs

112 Smartboards for Poster Presentations with Michelle Harris – 03.16.2018

At the September 5, 2017 Active Teaching Lab, Michelle Harris shared how students in the Biocore program give oral presentations of their final research projects in the form of electronic posters. Visit the session’s activity sheet for more information.


  • Course and assignment activities are directly connected to Program Goals (including communicating solutions to problems based on evidence).
  • Course is based on CURE (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience), where the questions addressed don’t yet have answers (vs. recipe book experiences).
  • Before the posters, students present a slideshow “pitch” of their project in person, in order to get a “check” (part of the project). Then they formalize the pitch in a graded written proposal. Then they do formal graded presentations, followed by development of the Poster.
  • Students helped her figure out how to use the technology more effectively (tip: be open and encouraging of this).
  • They require student groups to do a practice session (run-through) on the whiteboard to build familiarity.
  • The biggest win is that students get a chance to reflect on and revise their ePoster (better cognitive activity).


Active Teaching Labs are held Fridays from 8:30-9:45am in room 120, Middleton Building (1305 Linden Dr.) as well as some Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in room 302 Middleton Building. Check out upcoming Labs or read the recaps from past Labs.

Similar to the Active Teaching Labs, Active Teaching Exchanges feature instructors sharing their teaching experiences with tools and techniques, but provide more time for discussion without the hands-on investigation time. Exchanges are are held Thursdays from 1-2pm in room 120, Middleton Building. See the full calendar of both events. Stay informed about upcoming Labs and Exchanges by signing up for regular announcements by sending an email to


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