Part 5: Spring 2017 Labs

66 Canvas Syllabus/Calendar with Charles Dill — 03.31.2017

The March 31, 2017 Active Teaching Lab explored the syllabus and calendar tools in Canvas. Charles DillCharles Dill shared how he links all aspects of the course — activities, assignments, quizzes — directly in the syllabus and calendar, so students need only go to one or two places to access everything in the course.


  • His aha moment was realizing the benefits of removing the extraneous options in the Navigation menu.
  • He distinguishes between general assignments for all and assignments that only the Comm B students need to do with the prefixes GA and CB
  • He links to separate syllabi for General students and Comm B students
  • Students can get to the assignments from the Calendar or from Modules
  • He also has a separate course schedule Page that links to the assignments, readings, videos, etc.  in more context
  • The multiple “wayfinding paths” to get to the content is a good example of Universal Design for Learning
  • View the session’s activity sheet for additional support materials

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