Part 4: Fall 2016 Labs

44 SoftChalk with John Hollenbeck — 10.07.2016

John HollenbeckLast week’s Active Teaching Lab was about SoftChalk, which is a digital course content authoring tool that integrates easily into learning management systems. John Hollenbeck from Online Learning Commons, shared how his department uses this program to create online courses.


  • Softchalk is easy to use — once you get past the initial setup (it runs on Java, which can be quirky). It also has a dated look and interface, but it does work well.
  • Create content in MS Word or Google Docs using headings, and import it into Softchalk; headings (1,2,3) will maintain organizational elements once inside Softchalk.
  • If you want an easier option to make interactive lessons (but not the quizzing options that Softchalk has), look at Sway by Microsoft.
  • Softchalk is not free, but an interesting tool to take a look at.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to get up and running with this tool, watch the videos below and review the session’s Activity Sheet.

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John’s story:

Want to know what happened next? Watch the discussion video:

What is SoftChalk?


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