Part 4: Fall 2016 Labs

51 WordPress with Kevin Ponto — 12.02.2016

Wordpress logoKevin PontoThe Active Teaching Lab on December 2, 2016 featured the Wordpress blogging platform, which has a well-deserved reputation as a simple blogging and website tool. Kevin Ponto, from Human Ecology, shared how he has used WordPress in his courses for public-facing student work — to document their project process, share with potential employees (and friends/family), and learn from each others’ reflections.


  • Students tend to do higher quality work when their work is public-facing than when the audience is just the instructor.
  • Privacy and plagiarism issues are items that need to be accounted for with self-chosen usernames and removing content from semester to semester.
  • The level of technical difficulty is fairly low, but will require some ramp up time at the beginning of each course.
  • Rather than try to embed WordPress in the LMS to take advantage of the, just link your LMS from WordPress.
  • Review our activity sheet to get started using WordPress.

Kevin’s Story

Want to know more? Watch the discussion that followed here:

Getting started with WordPress

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