The Active Teaching Lab eJournal is a compilation of material from University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Active Teaching Lab. Beginning February of 2015, the Active Teaching lab has provided a safe space for structured explorations of teaching tools and techniques that faculty and staff are using to engage students and teach more effectively. Labs are held weekly during the academic year and include coffee and bagels.

Active learning refers to purposeful learning through engagement with instructors, other students and course content to promote problem-solving, application and understanding. A wide variety of technologies can help foster active learning.

Each Active Teaching Lab is broken into four parts:

  1. Listen: Hear colleagues share how they used a tool or technique in their teaching
  2. Experiment: Get hands-on experience with the tool
  3. Discuss: Unpack the pedagogy and develop ideas on applying it to your course
  4. Expand: Discover additional options to accomplish similar results

The Active Teaching Lab was developed in collaboration with the Teaching Academy and DoIT Academic Technology. To stay informed, sign up for regular announcements by sending an email to Find out more about our other partnerships that span the campus, state and nation.


Active Teaching Lab eJournal Copyright © 2016 by DoIT Academic Technology and the UW-Madison Teaching Academy; Jennifer Hornbaker; John Martin; Julie Johnson; Karin Spader; Margaret Merrill; Margaret Murphy; and Jeffrey Thomas. All Rights Reserved.

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