Part 4: Fall 2016 Labs

46 Universal Design with Ruben Mota and Mike Mohr — 10.21.2016

Last week’s Active Teaching Lab was about making life better for all your students (and yourself) through Universal Design. Also known as inclusiveRuben Motadesign, Universal Design refers to broad-spectrum ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities. Ruben Mota and Mike Mohr from the McBurney Disability Resource Center shared some simple tips and tricks for doing it well in the online spaces.


  • Not just for people with disabilities, UDL habits are a good way for disorganized instructors to get more organized (hint: your students will appreciate it too!)Michael Mohr
  • Although it often takes some practice and work to get started, once you establish the basic habits of Universal Design for Learning, it gets much easier.
  • It’s required by law.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to get up and running with this tool, watch the videos below and review the session’s Activity Sheet. Slides and notes are also available here.

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Ruben & Michael’s story

Want to know what happened next? Watch the discussion video:

Learn more about what universal design for learning is in this video:


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