Part 7: Spring 2018 Labs

111 Piazza with Joe Anistranski – 03.15.2018

At the March 15, 2018 Active Teaching Exchange, Joe Anistranski shared how he uses Piazza for gathering student feedback, collaborative activities, and meaningful discussions. Visit the session’s notes page for more information.


  • Joe recommends to regularly and actively engage with Piazza as the instructor for best results. 
  • Piazza is efficient and Students do help each other (including telling each other “it’s in the syllabus”).
  • Piazza shows instructor’s average response time (the data shows your teaching habits).
  • Tip: go for your low response time, but make the responses “Good question! Any help from others?” — this shows students you care, but lets them take the lead on content responses (on helping each other).
  • Peer Feedback/Support: students answer each other, and it’s good formative feedback for instructors to see how their students explain the course and their understandings with each other.


Active Teaching Exchanges are held Thursdays from 1-2pm in room 120, Middleton Building (1305 Linden Dr.). Check out the upcoming Exchanges or read the recaps from past Exchanges.

Like the Active Teaching Exchanges, Active Teaching Labs feature instructors sharing their teaching experiences with tools and techniques, but also provide time for hands-on exploration of tools. Labs are are held Fridays from 8:30-9:45am in room 120, Middleton Building as well as some Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in room 302 Middleton Building. See the full calendar of both events. Stay informed about upcoming Labs and Exchanges by signing up for regular announcements by sending an email to


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