Part 7: Spring 2018 Labs

95 Large Enrollment Lessons with Margene Anderson – 01.19.2018

Margene Anderson

At the Active Teaching Lab Sneak Preview on January 19, Margene Anderson shared her successes and challenges-yet-unsolved with promoting active learning in large-enrollment classes. She discussed the rationale behind her approaches to in-class quizzing and classroom management of peer-to-peer learning as well as the technical challenges with grouping in Canvas.


  • Five-minute, low-stakes Canvas quizzes at the beginning of each class promote student accountability, preparedness, and collaboration before class and keep lecture attendance high.
  • The Canvas Quiz Statistics feature alerts the instructor to patterns and allows for activity adjustment based on student performance and misconceptions.
  • Quizzes taken first individually, then in a group create opportunities for peer learning as students with correct responses teach others
  • Readiness-Assurance-Tests (RATs) ensure that students have gone through all the initial readings.
  • The peer pressure of in-group in-class quizzing, especially if peer review is part of the grade, helps address student readiness issues.
  • IF-AT quiz forms for team quizzing provide scratch-off lottery satisfaction.

For more information about using Canvas Quizzes, Groups, and Discussions for large-enrollment courses, check out the session’s activity sheet. See Margene’s inventory of activities and formative assessment for more ideas.

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