Each week, you will take a short Canvas quiz related to preparing for lab. The quiz questions are always listed in the lab manual; please visit Canvas before your lab start time to complete the quiz.

  • What will you be doing in lab? Why? (Provide 2-3 sentences).
  • Based on what you learned about HCAII during lecture, describe one amino acid you would like to mutate, and to which residue you would change it. Why do you think this mutation would be interesting?


When you arrive on BBCU for lab, you will have a chance to meet your TAs and introduce yourself to them and your classmates. You and a randomly assigned partner will then move to a breakout room. Each student should complete all steps of the procedure individually. If you have questions, you can discuss with your partner. If you still have questions, use the “raise hand” function and a TA will join your breakout room. Your TAs will also be popping into each breakout room periodically to check on your progress. Towards the end of lab, everyone will re-join the main room for presentations of proposed mutations.


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