This week’s quiz is based on the mutageneic primers needed for the QuikChange PCR. You will be given a mutation number and the primers that were used to generate the mutation. Based on this information, determine the specific amino acid change for your mutation.


You and your partner will meet in a BBCU breakout room to work through the lab procedure together.

  • Work through the lab procedure and the provided Google doc, which ask you to:
    • create a protocol for QuikChange mutagenesis
    • complete a sequence alignment
    • generate a PyMOL figure
    • discuss what makes a good hypothesis and critique several sample hypotheses
    • write your own hypothesis
  • Put the required information into your slides in the shared class Google slides presentation.
  • At the designated time, you will join a TA and several other pairs to present and discuss your slides.
  • Complete the lab/partner/self evaluation Google form.
  • Get a sharable link to the Google doc and submit it to Canvas.


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