Refer to the general guidelines for Mini Lab Reports on Canvas, found here (link opens in a new tab): Mini Lab Report Guidelines


Be sure to include:

  • Purpose statement/brief summary of the experiment
  • Cite the lab manual
  • Enzyme used for digestion
  • How the DNA was purified (you DO NOT need to include the full protocol for DNA purification) and measured its concentration
  • Descriptions of the three Gibson Assembly reactions (using DNA amounts instead of volumes wherever possible) and how the reaction was run
  • Key information about the transformation: the strain of E. coli, the method of transformation (i.e. heat shock), and the antibiotic used in the plate. You do not need to include step-by-step protocol for the transformation.


Include the following information in your Results section:

  • The concentrations and purity of DNA. A table might be nice here (note that, like figures, table should have a legend; however, table legends go above the table).
  • State how many colonies resulted from each of the DNA amounts used, including the negative control. Include separate counts of blue versus white colonies. A table might be nice here.
  • Comment briefly on whether the different amounts of DNA resulted in different numbers of colonies.
  • Be careful not to add Discussion text here! Your Results should describe what you observed, not why you think you observed it.


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