Refer to the general guidelines for Mini Lab Reports on Canvas, found here (link opens in a new tab): Mini Lab Reports

Draft Methods for Labs 2, 4, 5, and 7

This week, you will start to assemble a cohesive Methods section that describes the HCAII project to date. This Methods section will ultimately be incorporated into your Final Lab Report. Refer to the Final Lab Report assignment details on Canvas (link opens in a new tab): Final Lab Report

Please aim to keep your Draft Methods section to a maximum of five pages.

Be sure to incorporate feedback you received from your TAs on your previous mini reports.

A few general reminders for lab 7:

  • State clearly whether you are purifying wt or mutant protein. Do not say “mutant” or “mutant 1”; instead, always write out the actual mutation you are testing (i.e. N62W).
  • When mentioning buffers, include the actual recipes. Don’t just say “Buffer 1”
  • Include the equation you used to determine protein concentration and be sure to define the variables. (See note on equations on at Mini Lab Reports)


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