Visit Canvas to take the quiz. The quiz questions are also listed below for your convenience:

Question 1

What will you be simulating in lab? What is the purpose of those experiments? (Provide 2-3 sentences).

Question 2

For your PCRs, you will be provided a 5X reaction buffer stock.

You want your 50 uL reaction to have a final concentration of 1X reaction buffer.

What volume of the 5X stock must you add to each reaction?

Question 3

This lab includes a chemical hazard. Describe the chemical, the potential risks, and steps you would take in a lab to protect yourself and your colleagues.

Question 4

Preparing 1% agarose gels requires adding solid agarose to a buffer and then melting it. If you are going to prepare 25 mL of agarose solution, how much agarose (in grams) will you need?


  • This week we will have the first of two TA Talks. One of your TAs will introduce themselves more thoroughly by telling you a bit about how they got interested in science, how their graduate school career is progressing, and what they are currently researching. The talk will last ~15 minutes and then you will have an opportunity to ask questions about their research, graduate school, etc.
  • You will then be randomly assigned to a breakout group with a lab partner, and you will be provided the link to a Google doc. You and your partner will work together to complete it. It will include:
    • Choosing primers.
    • Completing the calculations for setting up the PCRs.
    • A table where you will outline each step in the protocol, state its purpose, and write down any questions you have. Each pair is required to ask a TA at least one question about the protocol.
    • To demonstrate the lab procedures, work through an interactive site, watch two videos, and answer questions.
    • Determine the approximate size of the expected PCR products.
    • Consider several problems that may come up, what might have caused them, and how you could troubleshoot them.
  • Sometime during your lab, meet with a TA to ask them at least one question about the protocol, as well as any other questions you might have.
  • Complete the lab/partner/self evaluation Google form (link will be provided)
  • Get a sharable link to your Google doc and submit it to Canvas (both partners should do this).


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