Question 1

Upload a photo of your completed at-home experiment.

Question 2

For each condition you tested in the at-home experiment, did you observe protein denaturation? If yes, what caused the denaturation at the molecular level? If no, why not?

Question 3

Describe another method for denaturing proteins in egg whites. What causes the denaturation in this case?

Question 4

Can you re-fold proteins that have been denatured? Summarize what you learned from the video “how to unboil an egg.”

Question 5

What experiment with HCAII are we simulating this week? What is the purpose of that experiment? (Provide 2-3 sentences).


  • After joining BBCU, you and your partner will join a breakout room.
  • Your TAs will provide you a link to a Google doc. You and your partner will work together to complete it. You will:
    • Discuss the at-home experiment and compare/contrast with the HCAII experiment
    • Answer several questions about the HCAII experiment procedure
    • Analyze the tryptophan residues in HCAII and how they affect the experiment
    • Create a detailed plan for setting up the HCAII experiment. There will be a video that helps walk through the experimental planning process.
    • Meet with your TAs to discuss. They will provide you with the results of the experiment from the plate reader (it will be an Excel file).
  • You are welcome to use any remaining in-lab time to work on the data analysis.
  • Throughout the lab time, TAs can be available for questions, and will circulate to check in on each group at least once.
  • Complete the lab/partner/self evaluation Google form.
  • Get a sharable link to your Google doc and submit to Canvas.



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