This week you will complete the Carolina Distance Learning at-home lab “Enzyme Catalysis.” You should have received a hard copy of the background and lab procedure with your lab kit. If not, please refer to the Canvas announcement on lab 10, which includes a pdf of the procedure as an attachment.

This lab has two parts, labeled Activity 1 and Activity 2. You and your partner can split the activities up so that you each only need to do one (though you can do both yourself if you want to!).

Whichever activity you are doing, everyone should review the first six pages of the instruction manual (Background, Safety, and Preparation). Then, complete your activity. Be sure to fill out the provided data table. Then plot your results using graphing software, such as Excel.

For this week’s pre-lab quiz, you will need to submit:

  • a photo of your completed data table, and
  • a plot of your results

When you meet with your partner during lab, you will review each other’s results and answer a few questions about these experiments.


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