Visit Canvas to take the quiz. The quiz questions are also listed below for your convenience:

Question 1

What experiments are being simulated this week? What is the purpose of those experiments? (Provide 2-3 sentences).

Question 2

For starting overnight cultures, how many colonies should be picked, what color should they be, and which plate(s) should they come from?

Question 3

As noted in the procedure, when pouring an agarose gel, you may have different options for what size comb to use (i.e. how many wells for samples will be created in the gel). For this lab, how many samples need to be run on the gel?


  • After joining BBCU, you will be randomly assigned a partner.
  • Your TAs will provide you a link to a Google doc. You and your partner will work together to complete it, including:
    • Determining the best restriction enzyme to use for a restriction digest screen.
    • Completing the calculations required to use a Master Mix to set up the digest screen.
    • At this point you will check in with your TAs. If everything looks good from parts 1 and 2, they will give you your “Result” from lab – a gel image.
    • You will work with your partner to create a slide that clearly shows your results as a nice figure.
  • You will meet with one TA and about half of your classmates, and each pair will present their slide. There will be time for discussion of each figure and how the results are interpreted.
  • Complete the lab/partner/self evaluation Google form.
  • Get a sharable link to the Google doc and submit it to Canvas.


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