Question 1

What experiments are being simulated this week? What is the purpose of those experiments? (Provide 2-3 sentences).

Question 2

This lab involved a chemical hazard. Describe the chemical, the potential risks, and steps you would take to protect yourself.

Question 3

If you assemble your gel apparatus and find that it leaks, describe one way you can try to fix it.

Question 4

Which is likely to polymerize faster: Resolving gel (bottom, poured first), or Stacking gel (top, poured second)?


  • After joining BBCU, you and your partner will join a breakout room.
  • Your TAs will provide you a link to a Google doc. You and your partner will work together to complete it. You will:
    • Choose samples to run on your SDS-PAGE gels
    • Answer questions about the procedure
    • Discuss how to troubleshoot several example cases where something went wrong
    • Determine the protein concentrations of the final, dialyzed protein samples
    • Meet with your TAs to discuss. Once they are happy with your work, you will receive a picture of the gel you can analyze for your results.
  • You are welcome to use any remaining in-lab time to analyze your gel and start working on your lab report.
  • Complete the lab/partner/self evaluation Google form.
  • Get a sharable link to your Google doc and submit it to Canvas.


For lab 9, you will need to complete an at-home experiment before your lab time. Please plan out your next week accordingly!

The at-home experiment requires 2-4 eggs and 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol.


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