Lab 3: Lab-at-home: Introduction to Biotechnology Methods

Lab 3 Objectives

  • Review the steps of PCR
  • Describe how restriction enzymes work and analyze a simulated restriction digest experiment
  • Explain the principle behind the separation of biomolecules by gel electrophoresis
  • Identify and describe the function of the equipment involved in gel electrophoresis
  • Perform an electrophoresis reaction, and analyze the results

This week you will complete the Carolina Distance Learning at-home lab “Introduction to Biotechnology Methods.”

The lab assignments will be different than the previous weeks. You do not need to conduct the experiment during your lab time (though you may choose to do so). You do need to log on to BBCU at an assigned time to meet with a TA. There are no pre- or post-lab quizzes this week, and instead of a mini lab report, you will write up answers to questions about the at-home lab.


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