Day 16 Podia Question

Day 16 Pre-class Podia Problem:

The repeating unit of nylon-6,10 has this structure.

Answer these questions:

  1. Write the structures of two monomers that could be combined to form nylon-6,10.
  2. List all the intermolecular forces that exist between polymer strands in nylon-6,10.
  3. Depending on the orientation of adjacent polymer strands, intermolecular forces between nylon-6,10 strands might be stronger or weaker. Draw structures of two nylon-6,10 repeating units, one above and one below the structure given. Orient the structures you draw to maximize intermolecular forces.
  4. Indicate in your drawing which types of intermolecular forces are important between which parts of the molecules. Also, write an explanation in words describing which forces are important where and why.

Two days before the next whole-class session, this Podia question will become live on Podia, where you can submit your answer.

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