Day 6 Pre-class Podia Problem: Molecular Orbital Energy Levels

This Podia problem is based on today’s pre-class material; working through that material will help you solve the problem.

The molecule C2 is quite unstable and can only be isolated and studied experimentally in the gas phase. Molecular spectroscopy of C2 reveals that a C2 molecule in the ground state has no unpaired electrons.

  1. Use the MO energy-level diagram in Figure: MO Energies for F2 to predict the ground state electron configuration of C2. Does your result agree with the experimental observation?
  2. Consider the MO diagram below. Is this a better diagram than Figure 1 for C2? Use scientifically appropriate language to explain which diagram is better.

Two days before the next whole-class session, this Podia question will become live on Podia, where you can submit your answer.

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