Podia Question

Use data from the Appendix to calculate ΔrS° for this reaction at 298 K:

2 NO(g)     +     O2(g)     →      2 NO2(g)
colorless gas + colorless gas → red-brown gas

Predict whether the reaction is product-favored (spontaneous under standard-state conditions) or reactant-favored (not spontaneous under standard-state conditions).

After making your prediction, watch this video where NO(g) is added to O2(g) in a flask:

Does the video validate your prediction? Explain why or why not.

If the video does not validate your prediction, try to figure out why your prediction did not work and re-do it in a different way.

If the video does validate your prediction, explain what thermodynamic aspect of the reaction accounts for the observations in the video.

Two days before the next whole-class session, this Podia question will become live on Podia, where you can submit your answer.

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